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If you live in the Suffolk Coastal area, why not book onto one of my adult leisure learning courses via the Coastal Leisure Learning website?

Henry VIII’s Wives – 3 week course – 26/09/19 until 10/10/19           Kesgrave Millennium Jubilee Hall.

Understand the women Henry VIII married in his desperate ambition for a male heir. This course will introduce you to six diverse and captivating personalities and the events that propelled them to their individual fates. Did they have ambitions of their own? Which wife did Henry love the most? Which did he hate!? and which one had the biggest impact upon England…?

Henry’s Successors – 3 week course – 01/10/19 until 15/10/19 Framlingham Library.

Henry’s Successors – 3 week course – 31/10/19 until 14/11/19    Woodbridge Library.

Henry VIII struggled throughout his reign to secure his family dynasty, working his way through six wives in his desperate quest for an heir – and a spare. This course will introduce you to the four key historical players who were, ‘Henry’s Successors’. Find out about the decisive but sickly protestant son, a young girl who reigned for just nine days, a bloody and ruthless catholic daughter and wannabe matriarch, and a golden daughter who became far more than any son Henry could have ever wished for! We will tie together primary source material with narrative, questions, speculations and hopefully our own conclusions! This is an ideal follow on from the course ‘Henry VIII’s Wives’ but no previous historical study is necessary.

Introducing Medieval Manuscripts – 6 week course – 31/10/19 until 05/12/19 – Kesgrave Millennium Jubilee Hall.

Medieval manuscripts art was not only beautiful but conveyed a range of meanings and ideas. This course will explore those ideas as well as reveal the secrets of manuscript production. Each week, working chronologically from the Anglo-Saxon era to the Renaissance, we will examine key pieces of illumination to develop your knowledge, chart the changes and incite discussion! No previous knowledge of art historical study is necessary.

Discover Norse Runes – Morning workshop – 05/10/19                    Farlingaye High School.

Rune comes from the ancient Norse word for mystery, over time these symbols developed into a modern alphabet however these enigmatic symbols have kept their mystical properties. Most commonly carved in wood due to the element’s importance in Norse mythology, but often in bone or stone, runes were used as a protective symbol, a warning, and sometimes a curse!

Norse Mythology – Morning workshop – 16/11/19                      Saxmundham Free School.

A course to introduce you to fascinating characters with wonderful stories to tell. Who are Odin, Thor and Frey, Frigga, Freyja and Hel? And what on earth is Yggdrasil? Those ancient people of what is now modern Scandinavia lived with a plethora of deities and magic that informed their world. They could remember and recite stories of deeds and mystery from other realms that would last for hours to explain the illusive nature of the physical world plus tease and frighten them with alternative afterlife possibilities. These tales could send a person running fearlessly into battle believing they possessed the strength of a bear..! We will explore their world through their own art and stories that they have left behind. There are even parallels with other worldwide spiritual belief systems. No previous knowledge necessary.