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If you live in the Suffolk Coastal area, why not book onto one of my adult leisure learning courses via the Coastal Leisure Learning website?

Anglo-Saxons: Society and Culture – 4 week course                          Tuesdays 10.30 – 12.00                                                                                    03/03/20 until 24/03/20 @ Deben Annex, Woodbridge Community Hall.

Come along and find out about another world! The world of the Anglo-Saxons…                This course will investigate the social structure of the Anglo-Saxons, their hierarchy, their way of life, families and spirituality. Who were their gods? What gave meaning to their everyday lives? How did they celebrate? Did they have law and order? What is their legacy?

Find out through primary sources and lots of discussion!

Henry’s Successors – 3 week course – Tuesdays 13.30 – 15.00             03/03/20 until 17/03/20 @ Kesgrave Millennium Jubilee Hall.

Henry VIII struggled throughout his reign to secure his family dynasty, working his way through six wives in his desperate quest for an heir – and a spare. This course will introduce you to the four key historical players who were, ‘Henry’s Successors’. Find out about the decisive but sickly protestant son, a young girl who reigned for just nine days, a bloody and ruthless catholic daughter and wannabe matriarch, and a golden daughter who became far more than any son Henry could have ever wished for! We will tie together primary source material with narrative, questions, speculations and hopefully our own conclusions! This is an ideal follow on from the course ‘Henry VIII’s Wives’ but no previous historical study is necessary.

Discover Norse Runes – Morning workshop – Saturday 08/02/20            Time TBC @ Thomas Mills High School, Framlingham.

Rune comes from the ancient Norse word for mystery, over time these symbols developed into a modern alphabet however these enigmatic symbols have kept their mystical properties. Most commonly carved in wood due to the element’s importance in Norse mythology, but often in bone or stone, runes were used as a protective symbol, a warning, and sometimes a curse!

The Sutton Hoo Ship Burial – Afternoon workshop – Thursday 20/02/20 13.30 – 16.30 @ Kesgrave Millennium Jubilee Hall.

This workshop will explore the mysterious world of the occupant of Mound 1 at Sutton Hoo, Woodbridge and seeks to place the burial and artefacts in both local and global contexts. There are only three ship burials of this period (early seventh-century) outside of Scandinavia, two are at Sutton Hoo and one is at Snape!  We shall also take a look at the people and events that led to the 1939 discovery of the ship and its contents.